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Twitter twitter tweet tweet

I have quite surprised myself by becoming addicted to Twitter. Well, perhaps addicted is a bit of an exaggeration. However, probably like many of you out there in PLN land, I was quite sceptical about the whole twittering, tweeting business. As the introduction in our PLN notes suggest, there are those who are happy to tweet about what they had for breakfast and, as far as I was concerned, that was what it was all about. What a pleasant surprise I have had! In fact, I find myself wishing I had discovered the Truth about Twitter before now. Jacinta Tynan wrote in her Sunday Age column last Sunday about her experience of discovering Twitter and quoted Alan Rusbridge, editor of the “The Guardian”, as saying, “[Twitter] harnesses the mass capabilities of human intelligence to the power of millions in order to find information that is new, valuable, relevant or entertaining.” And that has been the pleasure of following Twitter these last couple of weeks – each day there is going to be some snippet of information that is relevant, and is also entertaining, for us all to share together. I can only hope that I feel this positive about Facebook – the PLN challenge that I’m still stumbling around with at the moment.



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Hello PLN (Part 2)

These are the things that I was supposed to talk about in my first post – but I was concentrating on just getting everything working! Now I feel like I am ready to set sail.

My name is Belinda Hopper, and I work as a technical services librarian in a non-government secondary school library. I also am lucky enough to be involved with wide reading classes for years 8,9,& 10. I have only had a small amount of experience with Web 2. tools in the past, but as a proud new owner of an iPad, have found myself increasingly attracted to using them. Over the past 12 months it appears to have become the case that, if we do not involve ourselves in these mediums, we will not be able to stay relevant. I enjoy following appropriate blogs, such as insideadog and other library/reading type sites, and just prior to this course I finally joined Twitter. At my school, we are also fortunate in having a Ning that was established by the English department for the Middle school students to use.

I am very enthusiastic about the opportunities that we have to explore the extent to which we can incorporate these tools in our Library practises and that is my main goal for undertaking this PLN PD. I am particularly keen to learn how to cut through the overwhelming amount of information available to discover what works best for different situations.

So far, loving it all!


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The joy of books

I know that some of you have most likely seen this clip somewhere on the internet – but I never get tired of watching it! And besides, I had to practise uploading a video to my blog. Enjoy!


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Hello PLN

This is my very first blog and I am making myself write this now so that I no longer have a blank page! Being one of the later PLNers to add a blog, I have had the advantage of looking at what you have all posted so far. It is so exciting to see what everyone is putting up there out in our new online environment, and it is such an exciting opportunity to be guided through this learning experience by the fantastic team at the SLV. I am certainly looking forward to getting to know you all through this shared journey – so now I’d better find out how to enhance my blog and make it a bit more attractive.

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