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Blog post No. 5 – Konichiwa

Konichiwa.This is my fifth post and, according to Word Press, that means I am on my way to becoming a successful blogger! Well, I had intended to write this post during the last week of Term 1 but it didn’t happen. Then it was the wonderful holidays and my family and I, together with 2 other families, went hiking for 2 weeks in the countryside of Japan. So, now back to PLN and social networks. This has all been quite a revelation to me – I have been enjoying twitter, as I mentioned in my last post. I can now see the point of Facebook – I probably will not continue to use it, but I am enjoying the contact with everyone in our PLN group and it does seem to be an effective way to share information within a specialised group. To begin with, I thought that Diigo would be just another social network option but, having joined a group, I can see that it will be an ongoing opportunity to continue to build my own pln. Google Docs also look very useful. I have enjoyed the social network unit immensely – it has been quite an eye opener to a non-digital native. (More on that in the next post!)


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