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Unit 2 : Diigo/Evernote

I was very excited to have the opportunity to examine Diigo and Evernote again this year, having looked at them in last year’s PLN.

I have made good use of Google Reader to subscribe to blog feeds, but I was still very much stuck always using the bookmarks bar to list web pages that I wished to return to. The idea of using Diigo for the purpose of storing web page lists now makes sense, and I like the opportunity of joining a community that will truly act as a learning network!

I can now also use Evernote! This has been a particularly exciting breakthrough because I have been aware of Evernote’s potential but have not managed to make it happen until now.

The summary of the different purposes of each of the services, covered in this unit, was particularly helpful and it is obvious that there is a great deal more in both Evernote and Diigo to make use of.

It is particularly important, now, to understand the many options of information organisation because students do a great deal of their learning online and expect to be able to do so through Web 2 applications. As teaching/information professionals it is essential that we are able to demonstrate the appropriate knowledge and provide guidance in this are.

Where would we be without the PLN?!

And finally, my First Evernote:


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PLN 2013

Hi to everyone taking part in the 2013 PLN. This is the second time that I have taken part in this exciting course – I decided to do it again this year so that I could consolidate the wealth of information that was presented last year! Now I hope that you all don’t think that I am cheating, but this blog is the one that I created for last year’s course. I am very fond of my blog, and of the entries that I posted last year, and I didn’t want to abandon them. I have added the “About” page this year because I am beginning to feel a bit more confident with the whole “blogging” concept.

The concept of blogs and blogging has been a total eye-opener for me over the past year.  I now follow many blogs related to this course and to books and reading in general. One of the aspects that I find most exciting is that anyone can create a blog and publish their own views – it is particularly exciting to come across so many young bloggers sharing their love of books. From a professional point of view, the access to good information through blogs is incredible! The other great aspect of following someone’s blog is their Blog Roll – the list of blogs that they are following. You can be sure that if you are enjoying a particular blog, then another one that they are following is also going to be of interest to you. Now my only worry is the possible demise of Google Reader – which I rely on completely to keep up to date with the blogs that I am following.

I am looking forward to sharing this PLN journey with you all this year!


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