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Unit 3 :Networking

This unit is certainly a fun one and a great excuse to explore the  online worlds of Twitter and Facebook.

I signed up to Twitter last year after I became aware of an inkling that I was missing out on good stuff out there in the online world. And I was right…if used correctly and streamlined to each users requirements, I have found Twitter to be an extremely powerful tool. It has opened up a whole new world to me and I find that very exciting.

Facebook provided a similar experience – it just took me a bit longer to accept it. Like many others, who have queried and questioned the relevance of Facebook, I was initially unconvinced. However, over time, and with appropriate tweaking, I now appreciate its full worth. I now only use Facebook for professional interest areas (well, there are a few gardening news feeds thrown in), and I try to only post/expose information that I believe I can accept is public to the world.

I am looking forward to having a proper look at Google +. It just seems to me that in order to be in a position to gain maximum coverage of possible information sources, as information professionals we need to be open to all options.

My twitter handle is @bvh17


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“Sea Hearts” by Margo Lanagan : AWW Challenge 2013 – Book 1, Review 1

“Sea Hearts” is one of the most disturbing books that I ever read. It is a deceptive book because it presented as targeting the Young Adult reader, and it is a beautiful book for the YA market. However, for the adult reader it is a beautiful and dark read. The story, which reads like a fairy tale, is set on a remote and isolated island, that could be anywhere. The main character is an ugly old sea witch who discovers that she can conjour  alluring young women out of the seals that swim around the island. Over time the men of the island all want to marry the seal women and not the normal island women. However, life with the seal women as wives cannot continue happily. The female children that they bear do not survive well on the land and must be returned to the sea, and gradually the women become discontent with their existence on the land.

Reading “Sea Hearts” is like reading a well known fable – the writing is lyrical and the story is devestating and it feels strangely familiar. But this is a new story, written by Margo Lanagan and if you have read any of her other works you will regognise her unique, unusual writing. It is her writing style, as much as the story itself, which makes this such a wonderful book and I hope that it will become a classic to stand alongside the tales of the Grimm Brothers and Oscar Wild.

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Australian Women Writers Challenge 2013 – Better late than never!

I have finally registered for the Australian Women Writers Challenge! I first found out about this challenge when reading press releases about the Stella Prize, and immediately felt very excited by both the Stella Prize and the reading challenge. The reading challenge invites readers to commit to reading, and reviewing if they wish, a certain number of books by Australian Women writers. As a very keen reader, and a librarian in a secondary school library, I welcome opportunities to promote literature, Australian literature and Australian women’s literature – and social media certainly gets the message out there.

So the long list has been announced, the short list has been announced and I was particularly excited to see Margo Lanagan’s book, “Sea Hearts” on the short list. The winner will be announced next week, so I knew that it was time to sign up. I have registered for the “Miles” level, which means I will read six books and review four of them. My first review will be of “Sea Hearts” by Margo Lanagan. Go Margo!


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