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Australian Women Writers challenge completed!

Encouraged by the tweets going out by the Australian Women Writer’s challenge asking everyone how they are going with the challenge, I have just looked over my year’s list of reading so far and discovered that I have well and truly completed my 2013 challenge. I signed up for the Miles level¬† – read 6 books and review at least 4.¬† Each month I generally read a title for my book club, a classic, a YA title (because I work in a secondary school library) and then one other book of my choice. I was thrilled to see that, looking over this selection, at least a quarter of the titles that I have read are books by Australian Women writers. For next year’s reading list, I plan to definitely make this a conscious choice in my selection of titles – although my experience this year has shown that it is not hard! There is only one catch, however…I have only reviewed one book so far and still have three more to submit. This has been a good lesson for this year’s challenge, and so I now know to write up the reviews as soon as I have finished reading the book. Well – better get on with it.


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