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Metro Winds by Isobel Carmody

This is the first book that I have read this year for the Australian Women Writers challenge. Metro Winds is a delightful collection of short stories by the wonderful fantasy writer, Isobel Carmody. Isobel Carmody writes predominantly for younger readers, but this beautiful collection of stories is definitely for adult readers. Written in a true fairy tale/fable style, the stories tell tales far removed from every day life. The language is a pure pleasure to read and takes the reader deep into a glorious imagined world. I first fell in love with Isobel Carmody’s work when I read her “Little Fur” series to one of my children when they were young…we happily immersed ourselves into the world of Little Fur, and now adult readers can also have that pleasure with this collection of stories. Short stories are a great format to try out an author that a reader may not have read before, and this collection is perfect if you want to try the Fantasy genre, or if you have not read any of Isobel Carmody’s work before.


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