Hello Beautiful! : Scenes from a life by Hannie Rayson


This charming book had been on my “To read” list for quite some time – it has been a Bookclub favourite for many of my friends. After Hannie Rayson came and spoke to students at the school where I work, I knew that I had to read it! She is a warm, generous and funny speaker, and her book reads exactly the same way. It is as if you are sitting down with her for a cup of tea and just having a chat.

Told as a series of reminisces, Hannie describes times from her childhood, her first marriage, her second marriage, having her son, her friendships and her life as a writer. I live in Melbourne, like Hannie, so I particularly enjoyed reading about her times in the various suburbs of Melbourne and she writes about their particular characteristics in a very entertaining way. This is very much a Melbourne book and many readers will identify with some of Hannie’s  experiences.

This collection of writings is one that a reader can simply dip in and out of, or simply read cover to cover, which is probably the way most will do once they start reading! It provides so many good chuckles that it is very hard to stop reading once you have begun.

This is a book that is perfect for the summer holiday reading list, so it is a guaranteed good book for anyone’s christmas present or even a  bookclub kris kringle. I can’t recommend it highly enough!


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