Leap by Myfanwy Jones


Leap is a moving story about Joe, a young person who finished school just a few years ago. The book perfectly captures that awkward in-between stage of people’s early twenties, where having finished school, their whole life is now in front of them, but as not-quite-full adults, there still seems to be so many hurdles to jump.

Joe is living in a share house in the inner suburbs of Melbourne and is working at a job that passes the time while he tries to come to terms with the tragedy that happened during his final year of school. Throughout their senior years at high school, Joe and his girlfriend were the perfect couple, and had plans for University and their lives beyond school. However, at a party that gets out of control, a tragic accident occurs, and Joe’s girlfriend is killed.

The book also explores the story of Elise, a middle aged graphic designer, whose marriage is unravelling and who is also wondering about moving forward with life. I did not feel quite as involved in Elise’s story and wondered at times what it was about. However, the conclusion of the novel draws all the threads together with an ending I found as quite a revelation and full of hope.

This novel is truly a thought provoking story that sensitively shows the journey of our lives, and how our lives and our relationships are not static, but always evolving.


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