Australian Women Writers Challenge 2017 Completed!

This year, once again, I have completed the Miles Franklin level of the AWW2017 meaning that I have read 10 books, (actually 11), by Australian women writers and reviewed 6 of them. Listed below is the list of wonderful books that I have had the pleasure of reading this year…it’s been very satisfying and a lot of fun to have a reading challenge such as this, as it continually reinforces the fact of how lucky we are to have such a wealth of talented female authors. I am looking forward to signing up again next year!

  1. The bird man’s wife by Melissa Ashley (reviewed)
  2. Between a wolf and a dog by Georgia Blain (reviewed)
  3. The crying place by Lia Hills
  4. Leap by Myfanwy Jones (reviewed)
  5. My life as a hashtag by Gabrielle Williams
  6. Half wild by Pip Smith (reviewed)
  7. Portable curiosities by Julie Koh  (reviewed)
  8. Extinctions by Josephine Wilson
  9. Force of nature by Jane Harper (reviewed)
  10. Five bells by Gail Jones
  11. The world without us by Mireille Juchau

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